Writing / Prose

                                       A Dogs Life

                                       After Thoughts



                                        Dollars & Cents (Sense)



                                         From Oppressed to Oppressor

                                         Funny Bones

                                         Hearsay (mis information)



                                         Let's Just Be Friends

                                         Let's Talk

                                         Lower Standards


                                         Mixed Emotions

                                          Muddy Waters

                                          Nit Picky

                                         On Hold

                                         On Track

                                         Poor Qualities for Relationships



                                         Scar Dust

                                         Simple Sillies



                                         The True Big Picture

                                         True Self

                                         Truth or Dare II

                                         Two-Way Street

                                         Unnecessary Indigestion


                                         Who am I     

                                         Your Word
Poetry, and Prose (a collection).
E's Poetry Corner
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