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This site was created as a showcase for our work, and to share our visions with the world.

Here you can browse, and view many of our products (creations).  You can purchase what you like,

without having to buy a whole
Book ,  CD , etc.         You may Download , or Mail Order .

Items like:
Photos (Pictures), Poetry (Spoken Word), Music (Songs & Instrumentals), and more.     

                               For information about our products.
                           Send e-mails to:  

                                         For general information.    
                             Send e-mails to:  

                                For Administration &  Management.     
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See our  Contact Us , and  Services  pages for more detailed  information.

 Our goal, is to provide our customers with quality, and timely service.  

                                                           E.V. SIMS

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   We are not responsible for others work, or rights to their work.      
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I am pleased to share my
views, and creations with you.  
Though i understand that
not   everyone has the
same appreciation for art.
Life can be simple.
If you don't like something,         
turn the page.  If you do like       
something. Indulge yourself.

Some people spend more            
time crying the blues, than           
they spend on enjoying life.            
Life is for the living.  Enjoy.

Like many other artist.
My works & creations are     
reflections of everyday life.

Thanks for stopping by.

   E.V. SIMS
Some items on this site are proprietary.  They are display only.  Not for sale on this site.
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