Beloved. Beloved. How beautiful you are
My love, my sunshine, my shining star
By my side you promised to stay
In sunshine, and rain, and cloudy days

Beloved you are, beloved you be
You bring meaning to the word, family
You’ve shown your love in many ways
My love I give to you, each and every day

Beloved, means to love thoroughly
Unconditional love, between you and me
Though ups and downs may come our way
Our love sustains us, come what may

Through thick, and thin, we stick together
No matter the time, no matter the weather
We’ve grown up, and together in many ways
We’ll continue to grow, as we continue to pray

We thank God, for family and friends
And we thank Jesus, for saving us from sin
Beloved. A beautiful, m---------, t--- t- s--
B------ w---- b-.  A-----, a-- a-----

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