Blame throwers, like flame throwers, they throw off heat
To keep you off guard, so that you can’t see
The things that they do, or not doing is a sham
And if they were exposed, it would point out their scam

So on with their stories, and on with the lies
So full of themselves, carrying on in disguise
If you say something to them, about their actions, or themselves
They respond in a surprised manner. Then blame you, or someone else

They’re so full of themselves, some claim to be self-made
Others see them as lemons, certainly not lemonade
Whether personal, or professional, it’s all the same
These type of people thrive on throwing out blame

When they look in the mirror. They see wonderful self
They discount the opinions of everyone else
A closer look in the mirror might help them to see
The one in the mirror could use psychotherapy

Blame throwers need help.  It’s a matter of fact
They have no respect.  They have no tact
Alienating others along the way of life
Blinded to the fact that it brings them strife

Ignoring them doesn’t help.  They continue their charade
Throwing blame everywhere.  There is no escape
Sooner or later t-----, i- w--- a-- c--- t- a h---
T-- o-- c----- u- i- t-- h---, w--- b- t--- i------

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