Some people take control to the extreme
Even though it reins of insecurities
It brings problems to all, including you and me
I can think of one word.  Can you say; misery

Misery loves company.  I’ve often heard
Can you imagine the tone?  How absurd
People walking around, in a blue funk mood
What a waste of time.  With ugly attitudes

Attitude is a state of mind, you see
You can walk around blue, or full of glee
A happy state of mind, is a healthy state of mind
Don’t let blue funk people, control your time

Time is precious.  It can’t be bought or sold
Don’t let others bad moods, put your good times on hold
Leave the blue funk m----, i- t---- o-- l----- s----
Y----- f--- y---- w----, i- a m--- b----- p----

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