Born on the north side, in a place called The Bricks
Grew up wondering, if this was some kind of trick
I had relatives, living well, and with prosperity
But in The Brick Yard we lived, in poverty

Had to fend for myself, in many ways
Had to run for my life, on so many days
Good days, bad days, some indiscretion
Sooner or later, some paid for protection

Experienced a lot during my youth
I sometimes wondered, where was the truth
Racism, bias, called names by my own race
I couldn’t wait to get out of this place

Graduated from High School, Mom was so proud
I told her that day, I’m getting out of this crowd
Spent some time up north, with my relatives
Spent some time with the man, in the U.S.  Military

Lived up North for awhile, then moved back South
Had some good jobs, even owned my own house
You would think with all that, I would have it made
But that’s not the case, some still think we’re slaves

I’ve been abused, criticized, accused, and more
I keep God in my life. He is my Savior
I try to live, and l-- l---. I--- n-- e--- y-- s--
I g---- i- a-- r------ b--- t-, b---- B--- G-----

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