I dreamed about you. She said to me
I had no clue. Just what she meant.
Then just like a rock. Upside my head
It came to me. Just what she said.

I kind of understood. What she was trying to say
What she really wanted. Was a roll in the hay.
I went with the flow. And what do you know.
It wasn’t very long. Before it was on.

Then another came along. Said she dreamed about me too.
I asked what she meant. She said, it’s all about you
I reached out to her. And held her hand.
And before very long. We were in candy land.

Then another came along. And told me her dream.
I thought to myself. How lucky can one man be.
I could have a lot of fun. But it’s really not my style.
I think I’ll just stay, where I’m at for a while.

Then came another, and another, in time.
It’s amazing to me.  They all use the same line.
I guess it’s kind of smart.  To just hint around.
That way it’s no harm, if you turn them down.

Things are a lot different, in this new age of play.
The rules of the game.  Change day after day.
But o-- t---- I’-- l------. I- j--- w--- t- d-.
W--- a w---- s--- t- m-.  I d------ a---- y--.

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