Just   A    Man          

                        I see, I hear, I smell, I touch
             I’m sometimes puzzled, daydream and such
                 I love to work, schedule, ponder, plan,
                  I also love leisure, for I am just a man.

          I’ve climbed the mountains, - I’ve sailed the seas
                  I’ve tasted success, been on my knees
                    I’ve laughed, cried, been sad, elated
                       all these come - during life’s span
                 My moods do change, for I am just a man.

                I’ve smelled the rose, sang hymns of joy
            Enjoyed life, games, children, and being a boy
                  I’ve shared one of life’s greatest gifts
                      to be i- l---, r------ - w----
               F-- a-- t--- – I t---- G--, I a- j--- a m--.


                 As published in:  Mist of Enchantment                               
         Copyright  1995  by The National Library of Poetry  
                               Author:  Earnest Sims
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