M O T H E R    G O O S E

They crossed the road, in traffic no less
If they had been hit, oh what a mess
But they held their heads high, with much esteem
The cars came toward them, no time to redeem

But they pressed on, and one car passed by
They paused for a moment, then continued their stride
Papa in the front.. Mama in the rear
Two babies in between, they walked with no fear

The other cars stopped, as they continued their stride
And with care, and guidance, they reached the other side
Proud parents they are, and protective as can be
They would die first, to protect their offspring

What an amazing sight, to see such a wonder
In these troubled times, of storms and thunder
We can a-- l---- a l----- f--- M- a-- P- g----
I- w- r----- l---- o-- c-------, w- w-----’- c-- t--- l----

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