They said that it would happen
They assured me it was so
A change came, and so it didn’t
Like so many times before

They said it wasn’t cancelled
That it was just postponed
Heads they win, tails you lose
You may as well flip A coin

This thing has happened many times
By now you would think I should know
Each new time, I’m still optimistic
But, they just keep shutting the door

It’s hard to believe the same old lies
When someone doesn’t mean what they say
But, they put you on hold, and tell you again
We can do this, another day

What ever you say, is your response
You act like you don’t believe me. They frown
It’s not that I don’t believe in you
I’m just tired of being let down

I’m going to do better.  You wait and see
They say with A smile, so genuine
But, then t-- c--- b---,
w--- t---- s--- o-- w----
I’-- m--- i- u- t- y-- “n--- t---”

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