(Getting  Even)

Payback is a mother, I’ve heard people say
That’s how some people, spend the bulk of their day
Trying to get even with someone for something
What a waste of time, to end with nothing

Trying to figure how, to get under someone’s skin
Scheming to the point, that they forget all about sin
Working, and wondering, if their scheme will work
Such a waste of the mind, what a wasteful jerk

Plotting, and planning, seems to make them tick
When things don’t work, it makes them sick
Wondering what went wrong, they look for a clue
Never assuming, that the problem could be..You

To blame the one in the mirror, couldn’t be so
When it’s so easy to blame others, you know
They look at others, as the reason for their strife
Never thinking, it’s the way they live their life

I’ll get even with you; I’ll pay you back
This rings from their mouth, like a song track
Over, and over, this song continues to play
Getting even seems to be, their rule of the day

Getting even with someone, is only a disguise
Maybe one day, they’ll wake up and realize
The one w--’- h--- m---, b- a-- o- t--- m---
I- t-- o-- w-- w-----, t---- t--- i- d-------

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