Red Rooster struts around all day, with his chest out, he’s so proud

He walks, he talks, on air he strides, though sometimes a little loud

He prowls the barnyard all day long, the hens are very aware

At night, he prowls the barns for chicks.  He likes the atmosphere

He sips, and smiles, and shows his style, a wink or two here and there

He nips, and pecks, on some of their necks.  Hoping to catch a rare

He whispers sweet nothings in their ear. Hoping to stir a flame

They smile, and blush, and act impressed.  Well aware of his game

Red Rooster rarely hangs with the guys.  He would rather prowl alone

He comes, and goes, without a hitch, to crowd his comfort zone

The other roosters in the barns; give him space to spread his wings

One code the wise roosters all live by; is to never cause a scene

They all want to impress the chicks.  Don’t want to blow their chance

So they wave, or nod, and speak sometimes, but their purpose is to dance

On the dance floor, they move and groove, make eyes and small talk too

The attention they seek, from the floor and more, is all to impress you

Red rooster is smart.  He knows he is king.  In the yard, or anywhere

But he also knows, that he has to bend, in order to get somewhere

So he struts, a-- t----, a-- m---- h-- m----. I-’- a-- a---- t-- c----

He knows, t--- w--- h- d--- g-- l---.  I-’- b------ h- i- t-- o--; s-- c----

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