Got up, and opened the door one day
Scandal stood there, staring me in the face..
I asked Scandal; what do you want from me?
Scandal just smiled, and said; you’ll see..

I closed the door, then shook my head
I think I’ll just - go back to bed
I’m hoping this is just a dream for me
But when I awake, there stood Reality..

Reality said; you can’t run, and you can’t hide
You may as well face Scandal, and do it in stride
Again I asked Scandal: what did I do?
Scandal just smiled, and said: you’re through..

Scandal came at me, hit me high, hit me low
Hit me so hard, sometimes I didn’t know
Yes Scandal was sneaky, conniving, and trite
And, oh! Did they have one hell of a bite..

Scandal came to my church, and came to my job
At one point I wondered, if they would ever stop
Then Scandal got bold, came into my home
Through the doors, and even the telephone..

Scandal came on the faces of children, and adults
I was to the point, where I had enough
I had ignored Scandal, hoping they would go away
But it now seemed to me, they were determined to stay

I stood and faced Scandal, and told them, enough
Scandal now laughed, and said; that’s tough
When I’m through with you, you’ll know my name
And then they turned, and went on with their game

I then turned to, and went to my Father
Didn’t have to go far, I went to the Alter
I said L---,t---'-- a-- y----, t--- t--- I p---
And j--- l--- t--- c---, S------ f---- a---…

Scandal code:
PM016P $0.99                                EVS