Sleepers, sleepers, where are you ?
Walking, and rolling, the whole day through
When nightfall comes, you chill for a minute
Then its back to your lifestyle, with nothing in it

Always blaming everyone else
Take a look inside, you may see yourself
You say it’s their fault, it’s none of your own
The last time I looked, I heard you were grown

You tell others you don’t play games
When their heads are turned, you throw out blame
Confusing the unsuspecting, is a way of life
Hoping they won’t see, that you are trite

You twist, and turn things, others say, and do
Then flip the script, wearing another pair of shoes
To keep them off guard is the rule of the day
How long is this scene, this act, this play ?

Remember, what you choose, forget what you want
Tell others that they, are the ones with the front
Expect them to forget nothing.  Remember everything.
Right, or wrong, move on to the next scene

Their lives, like their minds, are controlled by the past
How long will this go on ?  How long will it last ?
Sleep walking, is dangerous, like blindfolded sheep
Going to the slaughter, while their minds are asleep

Get a grip on yourself, and live for you
Forget about the wrongs that others do
The present, and future, is yours if you let it
That is why, it is called a present

Sleepers, sleepers, where are you ?
Living your life, is the best you can do
Never l-- t-- p---; c------ y--- w--
Live, a-- l-- l---, i- t-- o---- o- t-- d--

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