(A Spider, Tea, and Me)

As I sat on my porch, sipping on some tea
Along came a spider, and sat beside me
What is that you’re drinking, she asked me
When I told her, she replied; I prefer coffee

I told her, I drink coffee sometimes
There’s some on the shelf
That instant stuff you’ve got
You can keep it right there

I said; try the freezer, there’s some there too
She looked in the freezer, then came back to the door
What brand is this, haven’t seen this before
Try it if you like, or we can go to the store

This coffee is so good, I’ll have to get some
I told her where the coffee comes from
Bought herself some coffee, bought me gourmet tea
I’m thinking to myself, she’s a gourmet treat

We sipped coffee sometimes, sometimes I sipped tea
I was really enjoying this lady’s company
Then one day I realized, she was conniving and smart
I thought to myself. I better hold on to my heart

When she realized I wasn’t as easy as she thought
She went back to the drawing board, came another route
When that didn’t work. She came back to reality
I think it’s best we just be friends. She said to me

I sit on my porch sometimes, thinking of her and me
But, I realized some time ago, that this could never be
For she w-- a s-----, s----- o- l---- s-- w---- b--- m-
But t---- w--- s--- d---. A s-----, t--, a-- m-

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