One on one, or two by two
Wonder who’s wearing, my other shoe ?
Thought I had A pair, now I’m not sure
How long can it last ?  How long can we endure ?

No calls from home, no calls to come in
Where was I standing, when this all begin ?
Using outside phones, is one rule of the game
Seems to me, nothing’s quite the same

Overheard A conversation the other day
Thought they caught me, I heard them say
To smart for that, they bragged and laughed
But, who’s entertaining theirs, or your other half ?

Thought I was the only one, so I was told
Seems to me, this tale has grown old
I’ve heard it said, over and over again
They said it straight faced, A smile, and A grin

I love you only my dear, there’ no one but you
That’s why you’re my baby, I thought you knew
Baby , they call me, no one else they call that name
Seems to me, we’re all called the same

What goes around, comes around, is tried and true
The games you play, you  play on you
A circle o- l---, s-------- t--- t- b---
Someone m-- b- w------,  y--- o---- s---

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