Relationships that go around, and around
Is like riding a Ferris wheel, or Merry-go-round
The waiting is long.  The ride is short
You go up.  You go down.  You go round and round

Sometimes you feel high.  Sometimes you feel low
Sometimes you feel like you just don’t know
Happy, sad, angry, confused
Sometimes wonder if you’re just being used

The wheels keep turning. They run day.  They run night
You just want them to stop.  So you can get on with your life
Sometimes your head spins like a spinning top
And your body feels limp like a wet mop

Get off the ride, but you still feel in motion
Letting go o- t--- f------ t---- m--- t--- a n-----
Ferris wheels and Merry-go-rounds are for amusement parks
They h--- n- p---- i- t-- h---- h----

The Wheels Go Round code:
PM023P                                EVS