They slick, You slick, cause they don’t know
But they weren’t there, when you came through the door
Trying to slick me, trying to slick you
Sometimes it’s hard to tell, whose fooling who..

They run games, cause they don’t know
Education was too easy, it messed up their flow
Now they run the streets, hustle is their game
Sometimes so confused, don’t know their own name..

Now back to the middle, where we all come from
It’s a various variable, when you’re trying to get some
It’s like Russian roulette, you may win, you may lose
We all have a choice, which one do you choose..

To get caught up in the game, not knowing how
Thinking everyone else was the mark, oh wow !
How did this happen, is the question of the day
But opportunity knocks, so they go on with their play..

Playing games without rules, only they’re suppose to know
But sometimes a different drummer comes to their show
Where you from they ask, of the little drummer boy
From here and there, he says quite coy..

I think we’re on to something, says the leader of the pack
Let’s run this sucker dry, send him back to Hackensack
But the tables were turned, and what do you know
Back to Hackensack he went, with all of their dough..

The drummer out slicked us, was the cry of the crew
Are you sure of where he came from, if only you knew
Raised in the brick yard, ghetto, and slums,
The other side of the tracks, is where he came from..

Morrow of the story, maybe there isn’t one
But when you go to a dog fight, or cat fight, oh come on !
Never enter a ring, with an opponent whose unknown
You m-- l--- m---, t--- y-- b-------- f--,
and t--- t---’-- g---, t--- g---..

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