UNDERSTANDING  (10 Minutes, or 5)

You expect others to understand you
What’s up with that ?  When you give no clue
In order to understand me, you need to understand you
I give respect, where respect is due

Don’t talk down to me, like you’re all that
Trying to impress your self, what A laugh
I can see you’re all caught up, in A high order
Maybe it’s time you cross the border

People ask me; why, some things go wrong ?
I ask; What do you mean ?  But, they go on, and on
They say; you’re the man, can’t you figure it out
I say; Express your self, and leave no doubt

They expect me to know, what they don’t say
Act like I have A problem, because I don’t play
Their mindless games, of simple confusion
If their act were together, there would be A conclusion

I guess it took all that, just to say this
Better watch; who, what, and why you diss
To get y--- r------, e--- y--- p------, b--
Give r------ t- o-----, a-- u------------, t--

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