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Not accepting  phone, or  Fax orders.            Order items by Download.                  Order items by U.S. Mail.
Include: Name (of item), & Product Code.  Also include a Check, or  Money Order, for the complete order.  
This includes the total cost of all items, and Shipping & Handling.

Our Photos / Pictures, poetry & Prose, music, and other items are available  by download ,or  U.S. Mail.

Items  viewed or  previewed  on  this  site, may  or  may  not  be  viewed  or  previewed  in  its  entirety.
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Poetry:    each page  = $0.99                                                           each page  =  $1.49 (+S&H)



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Book ,  CD , etc., to get the items you like.  Just browse at your convenience.
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When ordering items by mail, please include:  Name (of item), & Product Code.

If you encounter a problem with any Downloads, contact us immediately, so we can assess, and correct.
Please contact us by
 E-Mail: ,  or  Fax:   678-585-3426.   
                   Include:  Name (of item), & Product Code.

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